Biden Department of Homeland Security cleans house

The Department of Homeland Security is the latest to announce it has launched an internal review to root out domestic extremism, including white supremacists, within its own ranks.

“As we work to safeguard our nation, we must be vigilant in our efforts to identify and address domestic violent extremism within the wider community and within our own organization. Hateful acts and violent extremism will not be tolerated in our department,” said homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He also said in a memo they were working “with urgency and focus to address it.”

The Pentagon launched its own investigation into “prohibited extremist activity” and “extremist behavior” within the military and its personnel. An analysis of arrest records connected to the insurrection identified roughly 20% of people charged have served or are serving in the military.

Custom and Border Protection and immigration and Customs Enforcement are also conducting internal probes. DHS is creating an internal reporting system to disclose “insider actions or other threats associated with domestic terrorism” which I’m sure is being done more and more in all levels of government, including police departments, since Merrick Garland has started pattern and practice investigations in at least two of them, indicating there will be more. Can you imagine the amount of leads Garland’s office is getting?

When Garland made his last announcement, he prefaced it with some facts about the DOJ which I thought were very telling: The DOJ is a law enforcement agency that follows the facts and the law, wherever they may lead, to ensure our constitutional rights are protected.

All of the investigations and probes started since Jan. 6th, including voting rights, are interconnected. They all appear to involve racism or white supremacy.

Merrick Garland has made it clear he did not take this job for the money or prestige. He had a debt to repay, and I have no doubt he intends to save our democracy.

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