Arizona election “audit” crashes and burns

How’s that for incompetence? As Palmer Report told you, the non-audit in Arizona is over. The findings were that President Biden won the election. Ya think? Thank you, Cyber Ninjas, for wasting millions of Arizonians’ money just to tell us the orange germ has lost — again.

I do dig all this winning. Don’t you? According to various reports the next audit will be in — Texas? You read that correctly. Texas is possibly going to have an audit, even though nobody is contesting the state. If we really ARE living in a simulation, the creators of said simulation are laughing their heads off about now.

In all seriousness — it is getting tiresome. I mean, who will they audit next? Mississippi? So, I really do think we have to tell the media to stop covering the audit nonsense. The way we do that is by changing the channel when the subject comes up.

We can also email them. And we should. It is believed that one of the main reasons for these deranged audits is to allow for a steady drip of false information to try and cast doubt on the integrity of our election system.

See, this stuff used to be just alt-right fringe garbage. It was conspiracy theories that languished on dark propaganda networks. What has happened is this. The media has normalized this behavior. The fringe garbage is now being covered weekly by ratings-driven pundits everywhere.

So it is up to us to shut this stuff down. If everyone reading this would take a moment to fire off an email to CNN, or whatever network you watch it would help. Just say something like this: “No more talk about the audits. They’re not a story.”


If thousands, even millions of emails go out stating unequivocally that this is something we do NOT want to hear about perhaps we can put this crap back in its box where it belongs. Lastly, congratulations President Biden for defeating Traitor Trump for the hundredth time.

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