Another top Trump stooge goes off the deep end

Former Illinois Governor, disbarred lawyer, and total Branch Trumpvidian Rod Blagojevich filed a Federal lawsuit claiming that his removal as Governor after being impeached and the subsequent ban are unconstitutional. He must be jealous of all the attention other Branch Trumpvidians like the My Pillow Guy, Gaetz, Greene, and Gohmert who have been in the news so much lately. Plus, I think he might have wanted to pretend to be an attorney again as he is representing himself pro se in this case.

I don’t see this going very far. Section 14 of Article IV of the Illinois constitution gives the legislature the power to remove a corrupt governor from office through impeachment and specifies that upon conviction by the Senate the official is to be removed and disqualified from holding state office. Almost every other state also provides for impeachment, and lots of state officials up to and including governors have been impeached over the years. I also don’t see federal courts being all that anxious to intervene since this appears to be a matter concerning the Illinois state government and not one that involves any sort of federal issue.

Blagojevich is too power hungry, stupid, and full of himself to realize that this just makes him look like a G-D fool and takes up valuable time and resources of the Federal courts and the government of Illinois which are needed elsewhere. He’s much like his hero the Orange Florida Man (OFM) in that he thinks the laws and rules are for other people and not for him. This is why he tried to sell President Obama’s Senate seat in 2009, and why he’s doing this now. Jeez he’s almost as bad as #CovidKim Reynolds.

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