Another one bites the dust

Earlier this month an anti-masker began harassing a random mother and daughter who were wearing masks at a grocery store in Lincoln, Nebraska. She complained the pair being sheep, then deliberately coughed on them. In addition to taking video of the woman harassing her and her daughter, the mother also informed an employee. Lincoln police were also contacted about this incident.

After video of the incident was posted online the internet did its thing and soon identified her as one Janene Hoskovec of Tempe, Arizona. Internet sleuths also found that she worked for SAP, Inc. out of its Tempe office. Seeing a heartburn inducing PR nightmare SAP promised an investigation into the matter. Then on Wednesday SAP announced that Hoskovec no longer worked for them.

Well, I guess that’s one way to torpedo one’s career by harassing random strangers over their decision to keep themselves and their fellow human beings safe. She couldn’t be an adult and leave them to go about their business. (Or get the vaccine or wear a mask for that matter). She had to prove a point in a way that put the health of a mother and little girl at risk.

I hope Ms. Hoskovec has plenty of time now that she has lots of free time on her hands. Maybe this can prompt her to become a better human being and realize that this sort of behavior is unacceptable, and that actions have consequences. Maybe it’ll make her think about how she can best support her fellow human beings. But it wouldn’t surprise me if she doesn’t change. One of the big reasons we’re still in this pandemic is that people don’t want to help their fellow human beings and attack those that do so.

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