Another one bites the dust

Yet another anti-vax figure has passed away from COVID-19. This time it was Texas based preacher and broadcaster Marcus Lamb, who died on November 30 at the age of 64. Prior to his death Lamb had been a full on anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist who brought all sorts of his fellow travelers on to spout misinformation.

In the months leading up to his death, instead of telling people to grow the hell up and get the GD vaccine shot, he was busily promoting “alternative treatments” such as the old Branch Trumpvidian standbys of budesonide, hydroxychloroquine, and ivermectin.

After contracting COVID, Lamb was hospitalized after his oxygen levels dropped. A diabetic, that chronic condition only made the situation worse. The “alternative treatments” he spent his days parroting were attempted but did not work. Unable to recover, he passed away in the hospital.


I find it nearly impossible to dreg up any sympathy for Lamb or any others who willfully refused to take the vaccine then died from COVID-19, and who willfully spread misinformation that will cause others to become sick or even die from COVID-19 and prolong the pandemic even more. We could have been on our way to having the pandemic be an unpleasant memory if not for the likes of the Orange Hemorrhoid, his GQP allies, and the Mr. Lambs of the world. But nope. They fought tooth and nail against any response, and now we have variants like Delta and Omicron here and making the situation worse. I have family that almost died from COVID-19. So I hope people will excuse me that my field of f—-s is largely barren when it comes to anti-vax people who contract COVID-19.

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