Alan Dershowitz freaks out


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Alan Dershowitz is a man in anguish. The Dersh appears to be deeply troubled about something. He is appalled by a distressing problem causing him such pain that he felt the need to go on Fox Entertainment (Fox News) to voice concerns about said distressing problem.

What is it? Is it that so many have died of COVID? I would share the lawyer’s pain on that subject.

But wait! Maybe it’s the fact that so many insurrectionists have not yet been arrested.

Nah. These things appear not to worry him.

Alan Dershowitz is worried about murderer Derek Chauvin. Appearing on Fox Entertainment, the Dersh lost just about everything but his underwear as he defended the killer cop.

Alan says Chauvin should be at home right now. “He’s not going to endanger anybody,” the unhinged Dersh insisted. Dersh, who appears to feel a deep connection to the murderer, also said many had deemed solitary confinement cruel.

Dersh also appears convinced that the Supreme Court will overturn the conviction arguing, “What if his conviction is reversed? Where does he go to get the two years back?”

It is essential when trying to make sense of statements by Alan Dershowitz to understand that he is a has-been, now most famous for supporting an insurrectionist and known and pilloried for that “massage” he had at Jeffrey Epstein’s abode where he insisted he kept his underwear on.

The Dersh, like many has-beens before him, is desperately seeking relevance. He will do anything he can to get that relevance. He thinks being controversial will put him in the limelight.



It would be nice to see this poor excuse for a human being barred from any television appearances. Lastly, the Supreme court will not touch this case, and Dersh likely knows this. My advice if you see his washed-up face pop up on your television screen? Change the channel.


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