After this, Marjorie Taylor Greene has got to go

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was sent to Congress to represent the people of Georgia’s 14th congressional district. Apparently she remains unaware that she received no particular mandate from her constituents, as she ran unopposed and therefore won by default. But she’s not one to let the lack of a mandate from the people deter her from her madness. Rep. Greene doesn’t belong anywhere near the U.S. House of Representatives, and she must resign or be removed.

In her three weeks in office, Greene has threatened to file articles of impeachment against President Biden for no discernible reason, it’s been discovered that she doesn’t believe that children were murdered at Sandy Hook (she called it a “false flag” planted by the left), and this week her desire to execute President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and FBI agents was uncovered. Greene is an ardent supporter of the QAnon cult, and she’s a promulgator of the Big Lie. Any of these things alone is disqualifying, but adding them together makes a stronger case for her resignation or removal.

If Rep. Greene has caused this much consternation in mere weeks, imagine what damage two years of her will do to the collective psyche, not to mention the actual harm she poses to our democracy. Greene is highly visible and has a platform from which to broadcast her complots. There are many impressionable people on the right who could take her seriously and inflict real harm; we saw what domestic warmongers are capable of on January 6th. Rep. Greene undermines confidence in our democracy and in our tenuous union. We’ll no doubt find out other disturbing details about Greene, and we’ll discover if she coordinated with the insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol. Rep. Greene is not innocent, and she poses an active danger to us all.

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