Jim Jordan and the House GOP just sank to a shocking new low

On Thursday, a second individual went to court to formally accuse Republican Congressman Jim Jordan of having covered up the actions of a sexually abusive team doctor when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University. Jordan has always denied having known about anything about the scandal. But with a second accuser having come forward, one would think the House GOP would want to look into it, right?

Considering the disturbing nature of the allegations against Jim Jordan, and the growing number of accusers, you’d think the House Republican leadership would want to dive in and get some answers about what was really going on. If the allegations are true, then Jordan obviously needs to be removed from Congress. If the allegations are false, you’d think the GOP leadership would want to work to clear Jordan’s name. Instead, they decided to promote him today.

In the latest sign that literally anything goes in today’s Trump-controlled Republican Party, the House GOP leadership announced today that it’s adding Jim Jordan to the House Intelligence Committee so he can help take the lead in defending Donald Trump during next week’s televised impeachment hearings.

Let’s not understate what’s happened here. A second accuser came forward to assert that Republican Congressman Jim Jordan covered up a sexual abuse scandal, and instead of the House Republican leadership asking Jordan to step away from his existing role on the House Oversight Committee while the allegations play out, it decided to promote him to the House Intelligence Committee. That’s all you need to know about what’s left of the Republican Party.

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