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You wanted good news — you got it. It’s more than good news. It is terrific, breathtaking, stunning news. In the state of Kansas — conservative Kansas — voters by huge margins have REJECTED an anti-abortion measure.

You may have heard about this. Kansas Republicans were hoping it would pass. You see, this measure called Amendment 2, would have yanked the right to abortion away from Kansans under their state’s constitution. Voters rejected the measure. Abortion remains safe in Kansas tonight.

It’s HUGE news and a complete game changer. First of all, the turnout in Kansas was gigantic. Many poll workers could not believe the crowds and the lines, which were massive. And some in e GOP had tried dirty tricks as well. Last-minute texts were sent out to many Kansans that appeared to come from Democrats when in reality, they were from Republicans.

These texts advised Kansans how to vote on this amendment, deliberately giving the wrong instructions. Only it didn’t work. Nothing worked. The amendment FAILED. Rinse and repeat: The amendment FAILED. It was the rejection seen around the country. Bad — very bad news for the party of Big Brother.

We’ve got them where we want them! And now here is what we need to finish them off. A blue tsunami. Not a mild blue wave, not a gentle blue tide. I want to see a November WIPEOUT in blue. A massive, gigantic ferocious blue wall. Enough blue to drench the country in. I want the blue tsunami of November — the blue dream we have been craving is arriving, and we must keep it up.

Abortion will now take center stage even more than it already has. The people are mad — very mad — and are not going to take it anymore. Nobody wants their rights stripped from them. And the message sent in this Kansas primary to Big Brother?

Go away, Big Brother. We don’t want you. Take your deceit and evil ways and go somewhere else. Kansas has broken the internet. People are bubbling over with joy. We can’t back down and give up momentum. But this is a reaffirmation of what we already suspected—we’re breaking on through. Blue is breaking through and coming to encompass everything.


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