Yet another 2020 Republican National Convention speaker has been arrested

Donald Trump said he’d only hire the best people, but close to a dozen of his advisers, underlings and henchmen have ended up getting arrested for various crimes. Now it turns out Trump’s poor choice in personnel also applies to the 2020 Republican National Convention, because three of the people who spoke at the convention have now been arrested.

We already saw the infamous Missouri couple arrested for threatening and pointing guns at people who were walking by their homes. Trump chose them to speak at the convention specifically because they were awful. But now Amy Jolene Thorn, who spoke at the RNC in defense of Trump’s disastrous handling of the pandemic, has been arrested for allegedly shooting someone.


Of course the real prize will come when Republican National Convention speakers like Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Rudy Giuliani end up getting arrested – but we’ll have to vote Trump out of office before those arrests can happen.

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