Yes, justice is coming

As we wait for the Matt Gaetz indictment, the Lauren Boebert censure, and the condemnation of whatever offensive thing Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing today, we’ve got Bannon “going through some things,” and Ali Alexander is willing to testify about January 6th. Without the power of “tens and tens of thousands of dollars” to litigate his case, he will do a spectacular job of it, throwing many under the bus. Alexander is such a mindless coward, even Trump should be worried about his testimony.

And speaking of Trump, he’s doing fundraisers and allowing people to beg to him to become his Vice-President in 2024. The fundraisers will work well toward his legal fund and he will never be President again. This is simply because Ghislaine Maxwell is going to trial now and there are more photos of Trump and Epstein than there are of Trump and his daughter Tiffany. Do the math. The bad ending is inevitable.

AG Garland is plowing through all the crimes but not nearly fast enough for his critics. We would all like to see swift justice, but justice relies on a carefully constructed prosecution. It also sometimes means triage. They couldn’t get Al Capone on rum running so they got him on tax evasion. This may be the outcome Garland is going for and we won’t know till the fat lady sings.


But while all that’s going on, let’s have a moment of thanksgiving for the fact that America has survived this onslaught of traitors, and survived intact. Biden is President and doing a great job of trying to move the country forward despite a pandemic. So, get your booster. And vote.

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