Yeah, they really are going to prison

Whenever Palmer Report has asserted that Donald Trump and his co-conspirators are going to prison, we’ve received some degree of pushback. Some of our own readers have suggested that we’re being too “optimistic.” Some competing liberal news outlets have even accused our analysis of being mere “wish fulfillment.” But we keep being proven correct on these kinds of things, and today we’re seeing new developments that help clarify the vast scope of who’s going to get arrested.

If you’re pessimistically thinking that no one is going to prison for Donald Trump’s criminal scandals, you’ve missed the fact that it’s already happened. Michael Flynn and Rick Gates have already pleaded guilty and agreed to deals that include significant prison sentences. Alex van der Zwaan has already gone to prison. George Papadopoulos has also pleaded guilty, and agreed to a deal that includes possible prison time. Paul Manafort is about to go on trial for charges that include up to three hundred years in prison. Now we can add some additional names to the list.

Today we learned that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a grand jury going against Michael Cohen, and that a Ukrainian politician is about to testify against him. Federal grand juries result in indictments greater than 99% of the time, and indictments mean arrests. So yeah, Cohen is getting arrested. So is Roger Stone, as it’s already been confirmed that Mueller has a grand jury going against him.

So yeah, these people really are going to prison. If you’re pessimistically worried that Donald Trump will try to pardon them, just stop and consider that Flynn and Gates agreed to cut plea deals because they had no confidence that Trump would or could get them off the hook. And yeah, Trump is going to prison in the end as well.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report