Donald Trump goes berserk in the wrong direction

“Donald Trump goes berserk” is so frequently and so emphatically a true statement, particularly in the past few months, that the phrase is in danger of losing its meaning. He’s going to keep going off the deep end until he’s finally ousted from the presidency or drops dead from eating too much McDonald’s. However, Trump’s latest set of berserk words and actions are notable in that he’s now aiming in precisely the wrong direction.

Late last night, Donald Trump had his attorneys send a cease and desist letter to Steve Bannon. What will this accomplish? Nothing. This morning, Trump had his lawyers embark on trying to stop the distribution of the upcoming Michael Wolff book which contains Bannon’s quotes and other damaging accusations. What will this accomplish? It’ll only serve to make the book far more popular. It’s not just that these are fruitless pursuits on the part of an increasingly desperate and exasperated Trump. It’s that it’s causing him to take his eye off the ball.

Trump is in a fight for his presidency, his family, and his freedom. The investigation into his Russia scandal is rapidly reaching the point where he might lose all three, unless they let him share a prison cell with Don Junior. Last month, by all accounts, Trump was going berserk about the Trump-Russia investigation. His words and actions weren’t helping him in that regard, but at least he was fighting the right battle in the wrong way.

Now Donald Trump is totally lost in the weeds, trying to wage an unwinnable war against Steve Bannon and his own gossipy current and former staffers. Considering how many of his own people have criticized or lampooned him in this book, it might take Trump quite awhile to carry out all of these feuds on his own side of the fence. It’s making him look like an idiot in the eyes of those in the middle. More importantly, it’s causing him to take his eyes off the Trump-Russia investigation, which is closing in on him by the day.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report