Roger Stone and Donald Trump both just went off a cliff

There’s a popular and arguably overused meme on social media in which one public figure says or does something incredibly stupid, and then another public figure says “Hold my beer” before doing something even more incredibly stupid. I can’t recall an instance of that meme fitting any situation better than when it came to Donald Trump and Roger Stone today.

Donald Trump woke up this morning and decided that his best move was to threaten “retribution” against Alec Baldwin over his Saturday Night Live portrayals. This went over about as well as one might have expected. Trump was condemned for it from all sides, as he managed to come off as both weak and dangerously out of control. Baldwin, never one to back down, will surely respond by portraying Trump on SNL more frequently. It was a disaster for Trump. But then Roger Stone had his “Hold my beer” moment.

Roger Stone is currently out on bail as he awaits trial for seven (and counting) felony charges. He’s very likely to be convicted and sent to prison for the rest of his natural life. The reality is that his time out on bail is probably the last freedom he’ll ever taste. So what did he do? Instead of enjoying it while he still can, he posted an image of the trial judge with a crosshair over her head.

Roger Stone’s lawyers have clearly already explained to him that he’s in severe danger of having his bail revoked, as Stone has since issued a formal apology to the judge in a court filing. Stone could be in jail by tomorrow, and if that happens, he’ll likely never spend another day outside of a cell. Donald Trump started this day by making an idiotic threat, and his buddy Stone somehow managed to top him.

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