Donald Trump’s worst nightmare

Donald Trump, a man who fancies himself a real estate manipulator but who went bankrupt six times because he was so bad at it, is once again losing at his own game. Trump keeps holding press conferences because he sees it as an opportunity to flex his bully muscles and narcissistically dominate the day’s news cycle.

But today we saw something change. Donald Trump called on his longtime nemesis Jim Acosta, with the apparent intention of taking out his frustrations on Acosta. But after Acosta threw Trump’s own words at him, Trump seemed to shrink. Then Trump called on his latest nemesis Yamiche Alcindor, and she got under his skin so badly, he ended up leaving the stage.

Donald Trump’s worst nightmare – for now, at least – is the prospect of these daily press briefings turning the tables to the point that the most fearless of reporters are beating up on him. These briefings are pretty much all he has left to feed his ego and need for attention.


If Trump ends up having to back down from holding briefings because he can’t handle getting beaten up by reporters, what will he have left? Of course if Trump loses the election, he’s facing the serious prospect of going to prison for the rest of his life, so he’ll be facing a whole different kind of worst nightmare.

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