Donald Trump’s best ideas for saving himself have failed. Now he’s trying his worst ideas.

This week Donald Trump and his allies concluded that if they don’t try something desperate fast, he’s going down soon. This has led them to try everything from the Devin Nunes memo to the ouster of Andrew McCabe. Both of these desperation moves fell flat and arguably hurt Trump. Just yesterday I pointed out that while Trump and his goons probably have more antics up their sleeves, people tend to lead with their best ideas – so if these were their best ideas, I couldn’t wait to see their worst ideas. It turns out we’re already seeing those ideas today, and they’re even dumber than I was expecting.

For instance one of Trump’s handlers revealed to NBC News today that Trump is considering bringing phony criminal charges against Robert Mueller and putting him on trial in the hope of slowing down the investigation into the Russia scandal. This is nothing short of psychotic, but it’s equally idiotic. One of Trump’s allies in Congress announced today that if the Democrats bring any undocumented immigrants with them as guests to the State of the Union tonight, he’s going to try to have them arrested.

Somehow, these terrible ideas are actually being floated in public. It’s a reminder of just how desperate Trump and his remaining allies are, just how thoroughly they’ve run out of good ideas (if they had any good ones to begin with), and how close they think Trump is to going down the drain.

What next? Will Eric Trump run through Robert Mueller’s office while dressed up as Barney the dinosaur? Will Trump try to fire Robert Blake And Robert Redford in the hope of getting closer to firing Robert Mueller? Considering how bad today’s ideas are, just imagine what desperately stupid antics Trump and his baboons will try tomorrow.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report