Sean Hannity makes things even worse after it’s revealed Michael Cohen is his attorney

Donald Trump’s “attorney” Michael Cohen tried to get the evidence seized from his home and office thrown out by arguing that attorney-client privilege applied. The Feds argued that Cohen isn’t really an attorney. The judge responded by ordering Cohen to disclose his supposed clients. Cohen then revealed to the judge that one of his supposed clients is Fox News host Sean Hannity. Then Hannity went and made it worse for himself.

The news on its face is stunning. The idea that Sean Hannity would be using the legal services of Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney, even while reporting on Trump’s scandals each evening, is such a conflict of interest that even Fox News might not be able to stomach it. Hannity responded by tweeting that while he did seek some legal advice from Cohen, he never hired or retained him as his attorney. This really put things off to the races.

Hannity is a wealthy man who can afford any attorney he wants. Cohen is a terrible attorney, because he’s really Trump’s fixer instead. Hannity would have known this. Now he’s stuck trying to make the uphill argument that he was merely seeking above-board legal advice from Cohen. Hannity’s tweet caused him more trouble, because it raises the question of why Hannity would have been settling for free legal advice from a crappy attorney. Hannity may also have cost himself attorney-client privilege with Michael Cohen with his tweet.

For his part, Sean Hannity claims he asked Michael Cohen for legal advice about real estate. Even if that does turn out to be the case, why would a political commentator like Hannity be seeking any legal advice from the president’s lawyer? Just how inappropriately close are Hannity and Trump? And how disreputably fraudulent fo you have to be to use your cable news show to defend the president in a criminal scandal in which you’re secretly getting legal advice from the president’s lawyer? Whatever this is, it’s just getting started.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report