Ivanka Trump’s day just got even worse

Last week Palmer Report explained that if Michael Cohen ended up cutting a plea deal, he would have to cough up the full story of Ivanka Trump’s involvement in the effort to build Trump Tower Moscow during the election. Sure enough, this morning Cohen began the process of cutting a deal, meaning this was a very bad day for Ivanka. Now it turns out it’s even worse for her than we thought.

Yesterday, BuzzFeed reported that the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee wanted to haul in Ivanka Trump and question her about her role the Trump-Russia scandal. This didn’t seem like it was necessarily going anywhere, because at least one Republican on the committee would need to vote with the Democrats to make it happen, and there was no indication that this was going to happen.

But now that ABC News says Michael Cohen is in the process of flipping, and NBC News says that Cohen is just days away from being arrested if he doesn’t flip, things are about to change. If Cohen cuts a deal, he’ll have to give up Ivanka’s role, which will place the Trump-Russia investigation’s focus on her. If he’s arrested before he can finish cutting a deal, his arrest will help solidify all of the various scandals he’s involved in, including Trump Tower Moscow – which will also put the focus on Ivanka.

In other words, regardless of the precise manner in which the Michael Cohen saga plays out over the next few days, the Democrats on the Senate Intel Committee are about to get a huge boost when it comes to their request to interview Ivanka Trump. It’ll become very difficult for the Republicans on the committee not to grant the request. So now Ivanka is looking at having to testify before Congress about Russia. By the way, the mere fact that the Senate Intel Committee is poking around in Ivanka’s life is de facto evidence that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Ivanka as well.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report