Working around Joe Manchin

There’s been a growing cry from disconcerted people on both the left and the center for Sen. Joe Manchin to just give up the party he’s been in his whole life and become a Republican due to some of his less popular voting positions. This is, of course, reckless nonsense – as Manchin has to appeal to a constituency far more conservative than the more populated areas of the country and switching to a Republican majority would make things considerably more difficult for getting things done.

On Thursday, Manchin did take up a piece of legislation that could gain him a few points – and it’s yet another reason why he won’t join the GOP. Along with Sens. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Manchin has introduced a bill to stop Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s ten-year proposal to gut the US Postal Service by requiring first class delivery standards to be met. It’s a strike against DeJoy – and Manchin taking a stand by speaking publicly about it and coming out on behalf of concern for his constituents, is betting that he can safely take a swing at DeJoy in a deeply red state, before he is removed.

Many might argue that Manchin is still not doing enough – or President Biden isn’t doing enough and that DeJoy should be fired – which we also agree with – but that is also a power that neither Congress nor the president have directly. What they are doing, however, is putting the brakes on the powers that DeJoy does have before a new postmaster general can be appointed. This is why we not only need to keep the Senate, but have more than 51 Democratic votes after the 2022 midterms. Each one does make a difference.

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