Donald Trump’s words are coming back to bite him

Donald Trump is finding out firsthand that words matter. Yesterday was the two year anniversary of Donald Trump’s infamous public request that Russia illegally hack Hillary Clinton’s emails. To legal minds and non-legal minds alike, those words are either a request, or a not so subtle agreement to accept assistance in winning the 2016 election from the Russians.

Trump is beginning to crack. His fractured performance at a rally in Illinois seemed to show him, not in his outgoing rally mode, but rather in an anxious state looking like a fearful guilty man. He mocked the reporters who examine his every word on Twitter, looking for him to make mistakes or say kind things about Russia. Yes, sir, we are listening; the things you say do indeed matter.

Trump bypassed reporters this week, blaming it on weather issues, despite a visibly blue sky. The pressure is getting to him. The first visible break seemed to be the banning of a CNN reporter from a press conference after Trump did not like her questions. However, it’s not possible for Trump to hide. It is being reported that all those nasty, inciteful, false accusatory tweets that spawned birtherism, are being examined by the Special Counsel.

While the tweets themselves might not be crimes, the words behind them do matter. They can be evidence of the sender’s state of mind. Absent a formal interview, Robert Mueller may end up using Donald Trump’s own words to determine his state of mind, along with his other words and actions to frame the parameters of Trump’s crimes. Words matter, Mr. Trump. May your next sentence be the announcement of your resignation, under the weight of your own words and actions.

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