Democrats have won control the House – and now Donald Trump is going down

It’s not a blue tsunami, and there have been some heartbreaking disappointments, but the night looks to still be shaping up to be just enough of a blue wave to give the Democrats what they need. Beto O’Rourke has lost in his underdog bid in Texas. Things aren’t looking good for Andrew Gillum in Florida. But here’s the kicker: the Democrats have gotten the one big thing they need to take Donald Trump down.

Even as some other high-profile things go wrong, the Democrats have officially won majority control of the House of Representatives, according to MSNBC and NBC News. This means the Democrats will take control of every House committee. Adam Schiff will be the chair of the House Intel Committee. Maxine Waters will be a committee chair. And they’ll all have unilateral subpoena power that House Republicans can’t override, along with the ability to make criminal referrals.

In other words, Donald Trump can prepare to see every one of his criminal scandals on full blast all day, every day, in nationally televised House committee hearings. Equally important, Special Counsel Robert Mueller now officially has a partner to work with when it comes to carrying out his secret plan to bring Trump to justice.

While the Democrats won’t officially take control of the House until early January, Robert Mueller is now free to be as aggressive as he wants during the transition period. Realistically, there’s not much Donald Trump can do to stop what’s about to happen to him. Trump will try some sort of antics, of course, but he’s now essentially a lame duck waiting to be finished off.