Donald Trump is awfully cranky today

Maybe it’s because televised impeachment hearings are set to start in four days, and he knows they’re going to be devastating for him. Or maybe it’s because he knows he’s going to get booed later today when his babysitters stupidly drag him to a University of Alabama football game. No matter what the reason, Donald Trump woke up on the wrong side of the crypt this morning.

Donald Trump usually does less tweeting on Saturday morning than on any other morning. But this morning he woke up and frantically posted dozens of tweets and retweets before 7:00am. He retweeted Fox News stooge Stuart Varney seven times in a row. He retweeted someone who referred to Joe Biden as “Joe Bite Me.” He retweeted lunatic Congressman Lee Zeldin eight times. He claimed that the impeachment process against him was “boring.”

Then Trump went berserk about recent reports that he’s already setting up a post-presidency version of The Apprentice, under the presumption that he won’t be in office much longer. Trump claimed that he’s never had any such conversations with Apprentice creator Mark Burnett, which is hilarious when you consider that either or Burnett had to have been the source for the story.

Then Donald Trump decided to simply go for it, in terms of going completely off the deep end, by demanding that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff be called as witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry. He doesn’t appear to understand how any of this works, and there’s clearly no one among his team of diaper-changers who’s even trying to keep him remotely connected to reality.

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