Donald Trump just woke up and had a psychotic meltdown about Nancy Pelosi

Fresh off his stunningly awful televised address last night about the coronavirus, you’d think Donald Trump might want a do-over today. Maybe he could try a new approach, figure out something that works, bring in some people who know what they’re talking about. But no, this is Trump we’re talking about, so he woke up this morning and promptly decided to make it even worse.

Trump tweeted this whacked out quote from his sycophant stooges at Fox an Friends:

This tweet merely serves to underscore how little Donald Trump understands about the nature of the current situation. Back when President Obama and Speaker Pelosi were dealing with the Bush crash in 2009, it was a purely economic crisis. But in 2020, we’re dealing with a plague. People need medical testing and medical care. No amount of payroll tax cuts are going to help people if they’re lying in a hospital bed. Nor is it going to help the economy. Trump just doesn’t get it – and now he’s humiliating himself by trying to somehow make it Pelosi’s fault.

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