Donald Trump’s new “witch hunt report” is one of his most bizarre moves yet

As his scandals continue to close in on him, Donald Trump’s behavior in recent days has become more strange than ever. He’s attacked deceased war hero John McCain four times in the past week. He’s attacked the husband of one of his senior advisers. As Trump becomes more frantic, can he top all this in the weirdness department? He may have just done precisely that.

This evening Donald Trump sent out an email to his supporters with the subject line “Witch Hunt Report Attached.” The subject line also includes an image of a paperclip, aimed at tricking recipients into believing that a document of some kind has been attached to the email. Then the first line of the email says “[SORRY THIS DOCUMENT IS BLANK].” Wait, what?

After the weird fake-out that even Trump’s own base probably isn’t gullible enough to fall for, the email then claims that “loser Democrats and their friends in the Fake News Media” have been claiming that “they plan to release the report ‘soon’ but they’ve been saying that for OVER 2 YEARS.” This is weird, considering the report will be released by Robert Mueller and the Department of Justice, not the “loser Democrats” or the “Fake News Media.”

Of course this entire bizarre email turns out to be an attempt at luring recipients into taking a poll about whether the “Witch Hunt” should end. It’s all part of a Trump 2020 campaign fundraiser. The timing is interesting when you consider that Donald Trump is trying to fundraise off the premise that he’s done nothing wrong, even as Forbes reported yesterday that Trump has funneled more than a million dollars of these donations into his own businesses.

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