Joe Biden wins Wisconsin as Donald Trump freaks out

It’s been fairly clear since he took the lead at 5:00 this morning, and it’s been obvious since the last of the votes came in a couple hours ago. But now it’s been cemented: NBC and CNN have called Wisconsin for Joe Biden. Now Donald Trump is freaking out.

The Donald Trump campaign has announced that it’s formally requesting a recount in Wisconsin. To be clear, this isn’t going to work. Recounts don’t tend to change results more than a very tiny amount (few hundred votes), and Biden has won Wisconsin by more than 20,000 votes.

At the same time Trump is demanding that the votes in Wisconsin be counted a second time, he just filed suit to stop the remainder of the ballots in Michigan from being counted the first time. This isn’t just hypocritical; it’s a self defeating legal strategy, as Trump’s recount request negates his argument for expediency.

Besides, Joe Biden is already ahead in Michigan, by nearly 50,000 votes. Donald Trump is literally trying to halt the vote counting in a state that he’s losing. This is an incoherently dumb approach. But Trump has been backed into the kind of corner where the only options he has left are dumb ones.


In any case, we expect Michigan to be called for Joe Biden at some point later today. Some news outlets have already called Arizona for Biden. This means we’ll wait to see if Nevada, Georgia, or Pennsylvania puts Biden over the top. That could take hours or days – but at this point it seems very likely Biden will win, and Trump has no real recourse.

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