Robert Mueller wins yet another round over Donald Trump

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In the battle between Donald Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, one of them has always been holding nearly all the cards. Mueller has the smarts, the evidence, the cooperating witnesses, and most of all he has the fact that Trump is guilty. Trump is only holding one card: the fact that he’s technically the President of the United States, at least for now. To that end, Mueller just won yet another round over Trump.

Two weeks ago, after the FBI raided the home and office of Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, it set off the latest round of mainstream media baselessly speculating about how it was going to prompt Trump to fire Mueller. Reporters even tried to put the words in Trump’s mouth multiple times, by asking him if he was going to fire Mueller in retaliation, and then news outlets spun Trump’s non-answers as even more supposed evidence that Mueller was a goner. But guess what?

It still hasn’t happened. As Palmer Report predicted at the time, Trump huffed and puffed and tweeted with rage over the fact that the investigations into his crimes were now swallowing his favorite fixer, and then he decided not to take the risk of trying to fire Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. How did we know? Because it’s what Trump nearly always does in these situations. Early on he made some bold moves like firing James Comey and Preet Bharara, and after those moves backfired on him, he’s been playing it safe ever since.

Federal investigators have taken yet another major step toward taking Donald Trump down, and Trump has responded by doing nothing. Robert Mueller is going to end up with access to everything that the FBI obtained from the Michael Cohen raid, and just as importantly, Mueller still has his job. Meanwhile, Trump has been marched just a bit closer to the door.

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