William Barr is even more sick and twisted than we thought

In the few months that William Barr has been Attorney General, he’s committed numerous acts of felony obstruction of justice in the name of trying to protect Donald Trump. Barr has revealed that he’s a liar, a criminal, and a guy who lies about criminals. So is there a way Barr could sink to an even filthier low? As it turns out, yes.

William Barr gave a speech this week which was captured on video and published by The Hill among others. Barr was referring to his recent return to the Department of Justice, after a multi-decade absence, when he made this remark: “As we’ve been watching the coverage of June 6, 1944 D-Day, I had the thought that my arrival this time felt a little bit, I think, like jumping into Sainte-Mère-Église on the morning of June 5, trying to figure out where you could land without getting shot.”

That’s right, William Barr just compared his own white collar crime spree to the plight of the World War II heroes who risked their lives by parachuting into enemy-held territory so they could fight against the Nazis. You can’t get much lower than that.

While we already knew that William Barr was a lowlife thug, this remark helps reveal just how truly deranged he is. It also evokes a similar remark that his boss Donald Trump once made about facing his own “personal Vietnam” when he was trying to sleep around in his youth without getting an STD, after he faked a medical issue in order to dodge the Vietnam draft. Why are these slimy criminals on Team Trump so obsessed with comparing themselves to war heroes?

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