Will Donald Trump try to flee the country ahead of his arrest?

Now that his arrest is clearly going to happen, to the point that Palm Beach County officials are even discussing how to handle it, will Donald Trump try to flee the country ahead of his arrest? That’s his choice to make. But it would be a bad risk for him, which would likely go poorly for him whether he succeeds in fleeing or not.

Trump has to got be thinking he can talk the judge into giving him bail or house arrest while awaiting trial, and then he could stall his trial for a year or two, thus giving him some remaining quality of life before prison. Whether he can get bail or not will depend on which federal judge is randomly assigned to his case. But he’s enough of a narcissist to believe he can win any judge over.

On the other hand, if Trump tries to flee the country and gets caught, it’s a given that the judge will put him in jail while awaiting trial – meaning he’d never taste freedom again. Trump’s life would simply be over at that point.

Even if Trump succeeded in fleeing to a place like Russia, what life would he have? He’d either be Putin’s puppet, living in a small apartment and forced to periodically read Putin’s script for the camera, with no money or freedom of his own, while constantly looking over his shoulder. Or he’d only make it partway to Russia and he’d end up living in a basement like Assange. Either way, not much of a life.

So if Trump is thinking clearly and acting logically, he’ll simply try to do the best he can within the legal system. He’ll only flee if he’s sufficiently delusional about his situation, or self destructive to the point of not caring how badly it might end for him.


In the end, Trump is screwed either way. He’ll gradually lose his assets whether he stays or flees. He’ll either end up in a real prison or a figurative one. There’s no good outcome for him. He was locked into a terrible outcome for himself the minute he lost the election. He was only going to “get away with it all” if he won the election – but we worked hard and beat him.

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