Will Donald Trump sell out his kids to try to save himself?

Even as the popular discussion continues to focus on whether Donald Trump will be criminally charged at the federal level, the reality is that the grand jury recently empaneled by the Manhattan District Attorney means that Trump will all but certainly be indicted on state charges for his financial crimes. So what happens then?

To be clear, Donald Trump is the biggest fish in his own circle of crime; there’s no one bigger for him to flip on. That means he’s not avoiding prison no matter what. But what if he panics and begins giving up those around him, in the delusional belief that it’ll get him off the hook? Specifically, would he give up his kids? And in what order would he do it?

Michael Cohen, who knows the Trump family quite well, was asked this question on Twitter: “Which kid would the former guy give up first?” Interestingly, Cohen’s answer was “Don,Jr…then Eric…then Ivanka.”

That’s right, Michael Cohen believes that Donald Trump would give up Donald Trump Jr. before he gives up Eric Trump. This dovetails with Mary Trump’s public statement months ago that Don Jr. is actually dumber than Eric.

But again, Donald Trump can’t magically avoid prison by giving up the people around him. He’s the head of the Trump Organization and the Trump crime family. You can’t get very far by flipping down, only by flipping up. Trump is going to prison in New York. The only question is whether he also ends up federally indicted for his crimes in office. We’ll see.

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