Donald Trump has incoherent meltdown in front of the television cameras

Earlier this week, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump made an utterly tone-deaf remark about the government shutdown being a mere annoyance to the federal employees who have stopped getting their paychecks. Today Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross made things even uglier when he said he couldn’t understand why those employees are now relying on food banks. Then Trump himself stepped to the plate.

Donald Trump spoke to the television cameras this afternoon, and he addressed everything from Wilbur Ross’ ridiculous remarks to the pair of bills that had just been shot down by the Senate. Trump was even more incoherent than usual, but we think we heard him say that federal employees aren’t having any trouble feeding their families, because grocery stores routinely loan money to their regular customers. Then Trump truly went off the rails.

Here’s a sampling of Trump’s ramblings today: “Women in the back seat of the cars with duct tape all over the place … They make a left turn after they go out twenty miles, forty miles, five miles … I know more about technology than anybody.” We’ve heard him use some of these lines before, but this was like a greatest hits collection of flaming garbage pouring out of his mouth.


But the bottom line is that Donald Trump appears to be backing off his hard demand for a $5 billion border wall ransom payment, and he’s now simply asking for any sizable chunk of wall money. This comes after Trump agreed last night to delay his State of the Union for as long as his government shutdown lasts. Trump is caving incrementally, but he’s caving nonetheless – and he’s growing more incoherent as he loses more ground.

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