Why today’s Rick Gates plea deal is so important to Trump-Russia

Rick Gates has now officially accepted a guilty plea. He has pleaded guilty to lying to FBI and lying about a conversation with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Let me repeat that. There was a conversation that Gates had with Congressman Rohrabacher, which he then lied to the FBI about. This conspiracy has now morphed from a Trump campaign crime to a Trump administration crime to include the Legislative Branch. We are no longer talking about a Watergate-style scandal. We are way beyond that.

This is now about two branches of our government who are involved in a crime to take down our government. You wondered why Congress had a fixation on investigating the investigation? Now you know. Mueller was closing in on the same debauchery that has also infected our Congress. Our Supreme Court will have its hands full trying sort all of this out, but it seems to me unlikely that Trump can just be impeached. He has to be indicted.

There is a lot of smoke about whether a sitting president can be indicted, but that is only because a Watergate attorney argued that he could not. It has never been tested, and there have never been presidential crimes of this magnitude. Foreign agents have been indicted, members of Congress are being investigated, there is a money trail from several banks, and our country was attacked in broad daylight. We have to have our Justice Department make an example of these criminals.

It is not enough just to remove them. People have to go to Jail. This can never happen again. We did not fight for our independence, World Wars, a Civil War and freeing the slaves so that an incompetent criminal who thought nothing of conspiring with a hostile nation could tear down all of our institutions and make a mockery of our nation.

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