Now we know why the Trump regime leaked the story about Donald Trump wanting to buy Greenland

Back when the news first broke that Donald Trump had been privately asking his advisers if he could have the United States buy Greenland, Palmer Report pointed out that this story could only have been leaked by Trump’s own people. We asked if it was aimed at a random distraction, while Rachel Maddow asked if perhaps one of his own people was trying to humiliate him. Now we have a more clear answer.

The end result of the Trump-Greenland debacle tells us a lot about why it began. Donald Trump has announced that he’s canceling his planned visit to Denmark, and he’s specifically citing the fact that Denmark is refusing to sell Greenland to him. In hindsight, the demise of this visit was inevitable โ€“ and it’s fair to presume that the Trump regime leaked the ludicrous Greenland story in order to make sure that this trip got torpedoed.

So why would the Trump regime want an excuse to cancel Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to Denmark? For one thing, Trump is clearly in rapid psychological decline โ€“ declaring himself the “chosen one” and the “King of Israel” โ€“ and his handlers probably don’t want him visiting anywhere at this point. But there’s also the fact that President Obama is set to visit Denmark not too long from now, and we all know that Obama will be greeted far more warmly than Trump would have been.

So it’s fairly obvious that the Trump regime leaked the story about Donald Trump wanting to buy Greenland in order to make sure that his humiliating trip to Denmark didn’t happen. The big question is whether Trump was in on this leak because he didn’t want to make the trip, or if Trump is so far gone, his handlers leaked the Greenland thing behind his back in order to make sure he didn’t end up going to Denmark.

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