Why I won’t ever apologize to Donald Trump

When Edith Sitwell wrote, “I am patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it,” she no doubt had someone like Sharyl Attkisson in mind. Clearly, Ms Attkisson was proud of her stupidity when she wrote in The Hill, “With the conclusions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe now known to a significant degree, it seems apologies are in order.” As she makes clear further along in her article, those apologies are due to Donald Trump.

Never. Not now, not next year, not in a million years will I ever apologize for what I have said about Donald Trump. As someone who lives in the real world – the actual one we live in as opposed to the fantasyland occupied by Trump idolaters – the notion that Trump might be innocent of traitorous collusion with a foreign power is a hypothetical possibility I find near impossible to consider. But let’s assume for a moment, however unlikely, that it’s true all the same. Would I apologize then? No. Absolutely not.

The idea of granting any such concession to that bitter, vindictive, ungracious, hypercritical bastard is an obscenity I cannot believe any rational person would contemplate for five seconds. How exactly does Trump rate an apology, and where in the name of hell do you go to buy the kind of cajones necessary to suggest that he does?

Consider the relentless calumnies that Oval Office-usurping moron heaped on Barack Obama for years, with Trump’s idiotic Birther conspiracy theories, with his incessant, and as it turns out, deeply hypocritical criticism for Obama’s golfing holidays. His unrelenting efforts to undo the Obama legacy, such as his ongoing repeal attempts of the Affordable Care Act or his abnegation of the treaty with Iran, despite the enormous benefit it has served the people of America in the first instance and the people of the world in the second. Where the hell are Trump’s apologies for that? Damn right, nowhere to be found. Where are Trump’s apologies for his relentless excoriations of Hillary Clinton, for that matter, a woman whom he childishly and to this day refers to as “Crooked Hillary?”

Nowhere, that’s where. All of which is to say to Trump idolaters, when you demand I apologize to Donald Trump for what I have written, you can jolly well take your demand and shove it up your ass. I will never apologize. Never.

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