Who’s leaking these new Trump-Russia details?

Apparently, Putin can’t plug up his leaks because Trump’s been outed now as the Russian asset we’ve all known him to be. The documents confirming this were highly classified and direct from the Kremlin, as newly reported by the Guardian. Right now, there’s lots of speculation as to why this is coming out. Is it more disinformation intentionally coming from Russia? Is it something the US has had and is finally releasing? All of it is churning around but one thing to keep your eye on is the timing.

If the Kremlin is “leaking” the documents to damage Trump, then Putin is signaling their relationship is done and Trump’s on his own. This could be significant, given Biden’s recent conversation with Putin about not interfering with the US. If the US Intel community is outing the document, it could also signal Trump is cooked and should be investigated for treason. If the document is faked, then we can ride the speculation train all the way up to the mob and Semion Mogilevich.


More and more will be coming out. We suspect since the document mentions kompromat on Trump, it’s likely that may be leaked as well. Beware of deep fakes, but also brace yourself. Trump has done some terrible things and he’s now going to pay for them legally and perhaps by being in the bullseye of the mob. More to come.

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