Who’s going to be the one to say it?

The President of the United States gave a televised speech today in which he came across as 80% senile and 90% dead. His cognitive abilities appear to be just about gone, as he struggled to read and pronounce basic words off the teleprompter. His motor skills were alarmingly lacking, as he slurred his way through it. His physical condition was that of a guy who needs to be in the hospital.

That’s not just one person’s take, either. Everyone can see it. Everyone is talking about it. Terms like “Adderall” and “Sudafed” began trending atop Twitter during Donald Trump’s speech, as people tried to figure out whether Trump was actually high on drugs, or if he was merely in such bad shape that he was coming across as if he were on drugs.

Yet even as Donald Trump was presenting himself in this alarming condition during his speech, the major TV networks were airing the speech as if it weren’t happening. If any TV pundits mentioned that Trump sounded like a mostly senile guy with one foot in the grave, I must have missed it. No one, on television at least, seems to want to state the obvious: there’s something very, very wrong with this guy’s physical and cognitive condition.

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