Donald Trump has a whole new whistleblower problem

Donald Trump has been having a pretty rough day so far. Acting DNI Joseph Maguire gave up just enough during his testimony today to give House Democrats more impeachment leverage. The whistleblower report was publicly released. Trump is facing backlash for talking about killing the people who exposed his scandal. And now Trump has a new whistleblower problem.

The New York Times just inexplicably published some professional details about the whistleblower, which could end up allowing the Trump regime to figure out the whistleblower’s identity. This shouldn’t have happened, of course. Considering the tone that Trump is now taking, it could put the whistleblower’s safety in danger. But one of the published details about the whistleblower is actually very bad news for Trump.

It turns out the whistleblower is a CIA officer. Why does this matter? Imagine if the whistleblower were a typist or janitor who just happened to overhear some things. In such case there would be no basis for doubting the whistleblower’s honesty. But Trump would be able to make a potentially persuasive argument – fair or not – that someone in that line of work wouldn’t have had the kind of foreign policy background necessary to understand the context of what they were hearing and documenting.

Instead, Donald Trump is now stuck with the public knowing that the whistleblower is a CIA officer who certainly understands enough about the international political stage to have had a full understanding of what he heard and documented. We hope that no more details about the whistleblower’s identity get published. But this one detail alone is a doozy.

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