Trump and the GOP have a whole new problem

While Republicans spend each day worried that Donald Trump’s racist tirades might be toxic enough to cost them at the polls and whether they should softly condemn his words or not, many of their constituents have other ideas. Charlotte, North Carolina, a major city to a crucial 2020 swing state actually considered if it should withdraw from hosting the 2020 Republican National Convention.

The Charlotte City Council openly condemned Trump’s bigoted tweets against the squad but they wanted to take things a step further, hoping to distance themselves from the Trump administration and the deplorables the convention might attract next August, according to a HuffPost report. Last week, they met with attorneys to see if canceling the convention was still possible. Since backing out could mean a number of legal fees and possibly a court ruling in the convention’s favor, the convention to re-nominate Donald Trump is expected to continue as scheduled. That doesn’t mean the city is thrilled with the idea, and they’re being as open about it as Trump is being open about his racism.

“Currently, we have no option to pull out,” said city council member, Dimple Ajmera, a city council member, with concern. “We are tying ourselves to the most toxic convention in history. Is history going to judge us right five,10 years down the road?”

Among the few people supportive of the Charlotte convention is Trump sycophant Sen. Thom Tillis, who’s up for re-election next year and is hoping for a boost. There is a possibility that could backfire for Tillis, depending on how popular Trump is a year from now. There’s also the very real possibility of neo-nazis walking out in the open at the convention, and the question of whether or not Tillis will have the spine to speak out against them, or if he’ll stupidly pivot the way he did on Trump’s national emergency.

A resolution last summer to host the convention passed by only one vote. As the behavior of Donald Trump and his administration gets more reprehensible by the day, the list of places that want nothing to do with them is only going to grow longer.

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