Donald Trump has berserk White House Rose Garden meltdown

Now that the Democrats have taken control of the House and come out swinging, and multiple Republicans in the House and Senate are trying to help end Donald Trump’s shutdown without any funding for his racist border wall, Trump is doing what he always does once he realizes he’s lost: he’s throwing a tantrum and making threats he can’t carry out.

Donald Trump held a press conference in the White House Rose Garden today, thus ensuring the maximum exposure possible for his increasingly inane ramblings. Much of what he said was disconcerting, but the part that’ll get the most attention was where he threatened to declare a National Emergency and forcibly build his wall. Trump is talking about unilaterally seizing private property from Americans, building the wall through it, and magically funding it all without the involvement of Congress.

Let’s be one trillion percent clear here: Donald Trump can’t pull this off. It absolutely will not happen. The law is not really on Trump’s side here (he can’t fund it without Congress), but even if it were, he simply doesn’t have the political muscle to pull it off. We know this because seven House Republicans have already voted to end his wall fantasy, and two Senate Republicans are publicly vowing to vote the same way. It’s over.

Even the GOP members in Congress, who try to side with Donald Trump when they can, are now selfishly starting to throw him overboard because they don’t want his downfall to damage their career prospects. So while it’s important to be more vigilant about Trump’s criminality and abuses than ever, it’s equally important not to cower in fear when he begins making the kinds of extreme threats that even he knows would only serve to finish him off.

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