Donald Trump has deranged meltdown on the White House lawn

Donald Trump is rambling again. From the White House South Lawn today, he went on rants about a variety of issues. He appears to be troubled by something and is showing signs of stress. The most bizarre moment must have been Trump claiming that he had his secret “deal” with Mexico right there in his breast pocket of his suit jacket. He pulled out what appeared to be a blank (or nearly blank) sheet of paper and showed it but refused to show what was in the paper. He stated, “I’m going to let Mexico do the announcement at the right time.” Mexico announced yesterday there is no such deal.

Trump also attacked Joe Biden ahead of both being in Iowa on Tuesday, saying Joe was “mentally weak.” Trump then referred to another beautiful letter he received from Killer Kim Jong-un, who recently reportedly killed his half-brother, who may have been a source for the CIA. Trump was very firm he would protect Killer Kim, stating, “I wouldn’t let that happen under my auspices.” Not the murder of the half-brother – Trump is okay with his buddies killing folks without any ramifications – but the part about the United States using the half-brother as a spy. He was very clear that “would not happen under my auspice, that’s for sure.”

Who knows what triggered Donald Trump this morning, but perhaps it is related to the Justice Department’s agreement to turn over key evidence from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to the House of Representatives. Like the piles of blank paper that were his “tax returns,” his sheet of paper containing the secret deal is like the “Art of the Deal” – a bunch of shite.

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