Donald Trump’s White House falls to pieces

When Nikki Haley abruptly resigned from the Donald Trump regime last week while trying to fend off an ethics scandal, the media gave her a free pass because it wants the ratings spectacle that she’ll deliver if she ever runs for President. When Don McGahn resigned from Trump’s White House yesterday, it didn’t garner much attention, perhaps because his fate was already sealed. But there’s nothing like a good old fashioned shouting match to bring the kind of attention that a problem deserves.

Somebody leaked to the media today that Trump’s White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Trump’s White House National Security Adviser John Bolton got into a profane shouting match today. Sure enough, now the media is suddenly focused on the fact that the Trump regime has been hemorrhaging key people for the past nine days. Yes, there’s always turnover in any administration, and yes, Trump has seen far more turnover than anyone who’s come before him. But this week is different.

For the Trump regime, this is put up or shut up time. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly about to drop the hammer on Donald Trump shortly after the midterms. And if the Democrats take control of the House, committee subpoenas will immediately begin flying in every Trump regime scandal. Every one of Trump’s top people will be placed under the microscope, and every one of their scandals will become headline news.

So yeah, it’s a big deal that in the past nine days, Donald Trump’s White House Counsel and UN Ambassador have resigned under non-happy circumstances, his Chief of Staff and National Security Adviser are screaming at each other, and Trump is publicly accusing his Secretary of Defense of being a “Democrat” for no apparent reason. This is a White House that’s never been properly functioning to begin with. But now, at the most crucial time, it’s falling to pieces.

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