Whistleblower Dr. Bright comes forward in Donald Trump’s hydroxychloroquine scandal coverup

For weeks, Donald Trump kept falsely promoting hydroxychloroquine as a solid and risk-free treatment for coronavirus. In reality the drug has long been known for its severe and potentially fatal side effects, and recent medical studies suggest that it may have no impact on coronavirus at all. We all knew something was off about Trump’s dishonest promotion of the drug, and now it’s hitting the wall.

Dr. Rick Bright has announced just now that Donald Trump removed him from his high ranking HHS position yesterday, and instead tried to bury him in a limited role at the NIH, in retaliation for his attempts at rigorous testing of hydroxychloroquine. This reporting is coming from CNN, the New York Times, and others. Bright is coming forward publicly and he’s filing a whistleblower complaint against the Trump regime for retaliating against him.

This changes things significantly. Everyone already knew that Donald Trump’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine was suspicious. But it was going to be hard to connect the specific dots and prove why Trump has been dishonestly promoting this drug. Yes, Trump has financial connections to the drug’s leading manufacturer, but that doesn’t prove motive; Trump could argue that he was pushing for the drug in mistaken good faith, and that his connection to the manufacturer was irrelevant.

But now Donald Trump and his regime have committed a clear-cut crime by firing/demoting Dr. Bright in a retaliation for Bright’s skepticism toward hydroxychloroquine. This will help prove in the court of public opinion that Trump had a criminal motive for promoting hydroxychloroquine. After all, he just got caught committing a crime as part of the coverup.

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