Bill Barr’s whimpering end was a long time coming

Palmer Report has spent all year documenting how Bill Barr’s various henchman antics weren’t delivering any results for Trump, and that Barr was ultimately just a middling bumbler. Barr tried and failed to meddle in the Flynn, Stone, Cohen, Lev, Igor, and Bannon cases. Either Barr is totally incompetent, or he wasn’t trying that hard and was merely giving Trump lip service.

Sure enough, Barr has proven totally useless to Trump in the end, announcing today that he’s found no evidence of voter fraud that could change the outcome of the election. Anyone who has spent the past year paying attention to the evidence, and not the pundit hype, saw Barr’s whimpery endgame coming a mile away.

– Dr. Birx sold us out, to curry career favor with Trump. I have little respect for her. But don’t get mad at Joe Biden just because he spoke with her today. Birx has valuable information about what’s been going on with the pandemic response behind the scenes, which Biden needs. He’d be a fool not to speak with her about it. It doesn’t mean Biden is going to put Birx in charge of anything.

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