Donald Trump goes out with a whimper

– It’s not at all surprising that Donald Trump ultimately gave up with a whimper, tweeting out a partial concession as the transition to Joe Biden got underway. Trump talks like a strongman, but he’s always been indecisive and tepid in his actions and decision making; he just hopes you won’t notice that he’s flailing. You never, ever cower to this kind of fragile villain. You just keep wailing on him, until he grows unsure of himself and caves in the end. That’s what we did, and that’s what he did.

– Donald Trump is now reportedly beginning renovations on Mar-a-Lago. This furthers Palmer Report’s expectation that Trump is hoping to convince his eventual New York State trial judge to give him house arrest at Mar-a-Lago, under the argument that it’s his primary residence. Yes, Trump is already preparing ahead for his new life of prison and bankruptcy, even if the TV pundits are still focusing on the fantasy of Trump running again in 2024.

– Tweet of the day, from Biden administration Climate Czar John Kerry: “It’ll be an honor to work with our allies and partners, alongside rising young leaders in the climate movement, to tackle the climate crisis with the seriousness and urgency it deserves.”

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