Where’s Mike Pence?

We are inside of two weeks before the most destructive president in history leaves office. How much damage can he do in that amount of time? Given what occurred at the Capitol yesterday, plenty. CNN believes he was up to another nefarious task: setting up Mike Pence for his refusal to throw out the election votes, something Pence had no power to do.

According to CNN, the anarchists who assaulted the Capitol came in screaming, “Where’s Mike Pence?” Pence had invited his wife and daughter to the election certification, and the rioters calling his name frightened the Pence family. Because Trump has been blaming everyone but himself for his loss, the mob saw yet another enemy in Pence. Trump might have liked for them to have been hurt, as the report notes that neither Trump nor his White House officials bothered to even check on Pence afterward. Trump is an evil, vengeful man who has never cared about anyone but himself. Because of the pure evil of Trump’s nature, people and organizations are calling for his immediate removal.

All eyes were on Mike Pence, as Speaker Pelosi, other lawmakers, and organizations called for Trump’s immediate removal. Politico reported that because of Trump obviously causing the violence, a lobbying firm representing corporate executives has called for his removal. Southern Poverty Law Center has similarly called for Trump’s removal, promising full endorsement of any such efforts. The fallout goes beyond the calls to remove Trump. His appointees are resigning in droves.

Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation and wife of Mitch McConnell, provided a letter of resignation, and she was clear in her reasons: “Yesterday, our country experienced a traumatic and entirely avoidable event as supporters of the President stormed the Capitol building following a rally he addressed,” according to the Hill. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos also resigned. Other departures include Stephanie Grisham, Chief of Staff to Melania Trump; Sarah Matthews, White House deputy press secretary; and Rickie Niceta, White House social secretary, according to radio.com. Even social media has dumped Trump. Bloomberg reported that he has been banned from Facebook and Twitter “indefinitely” and from Snapchat “until further notice.” One of his lunatic attorneys, Lin Wood, has been permanently banned from Twitter. It is sad that it took the chaotic insurgency created by Trump’s call to action yesterday to make so many people do the right thing, though it still has not convinced everyone.

Business Insider later reported that Mike Pence declined to invoke the 25th Amendment, leaving Congress with no choice but to move forward with impeachment, which they should begin immediately. Donald Trump has several more days in which he can do further damage to this country, and he must be stopped now. Trump has now pledged to participate in an “orderly” transition to President Elect Biden’s incoming administration. Whatever. Do not believe one word coming from Donald Trump’s evil mouth or the mouths of his surrogates. Trump is a disgraced, washed-up, wanna-be politician. Hopefully, we will never hear from him again other than from the defense table in the prosecutions he so richly deserves.

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