Where’s Kevin McCarthy?

The trembling and terrified supplicant appeared before the collapsed wanna-be king with tears in his eyes. “Please forgive me, Your Majesty,” said the supplicant. “I was wrong. I shouldn’t have spoken out against January 6th. Please don’t turn away from me now.” Yet the collapsed traitor was unyielding in his fury. “Pledge your loyalty to me,” the failure roared. “Say it!”

“I’m sorry,” the supplicant whispered miserably. “Please don’t deny me my speakership. It’s all I care about.” A wicked gleam appeared in the eyes of the failed traitor. “Then promise me you will never at any point utter such blasphemy again. Promise you will denounce the remembrance”.

The walls reverberated with the bellow of the traitor’s words. “I promise,” the supplicant whispered. ” I will say nothing.” Of course, this is but a fictitious story. Or is it? Where oh where my friends is Kevin McCarthy?

On January 6th, as millions solemnly remember — where is Kevin McCarthy?

His Twitter account is silent. He has said nothing about the day. The supplicant has left the building. That story above was made up, but it summarizes McCarthy’s game — a game that is destined to fail.

McCarthy wants to be speaker. And like all frightened, insurrection supporting folks, he is trying his damnedest to pretend January 6th never happened. Only it did, and all McCarthy’s details in the world will not ever change that fact. McCarthy is desperate. So in the spirit of Dorian Gray, he has sold his soul.

Only desperation never works. And it especially doesn’t work in politics. The only thing desperation does is give away the game. It shows the traitors — the evil ones — that you’re a mark. It shows you might be down for almost anything.

You’d better believe McCarthy dreams of the speakership. He will never see that dream realized. He won’t because we will win in the midterms. And he also won’t achieve this dream because he is loathed — by almost everyone in his party.


Desperation makes no friends. It only exposes weaknesses. For McCarthy, desperation has succeeded in showing his most frenzied and frightened self, and he will see his dream turn to nothing but dust.

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