Where is Dr. Fauci?

Donald Trump held yet another bizarre, pointless, self-congratulatory, and factually incorrect press conference today about the coronavirus crisis. One thing was different, however: respected Dr. Anthony Fauci, who always plays a big role in these press conferences, was conspicuously missing.

There are three possible explanations for why Dr. Fauci was missing today. The first would be that it was something harmless; he simply had some other meeting he had to be at. One can only hope that this is the case, because the other two explanations are more dire.

The second explanation would be that Fauci found out Trump was going to falsely announce that chloroquine had been made available as a coronavirus drug, and he wanted no part in Trump’s lie. The third explanation would be that Donald Trump narcissistically decided Dr. Fauci was getting too much attention and praise from these press conferences, and Trump benched him accordingly. Either of these scenarios would not be good, but would be typical of the Trump era.



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