Robert Mueller is about to eat Donald Trump’s kids alive

There are widespread reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be filing his final report about Donald Trump’s crime spree as early as next week. As Palmer Report has been pointing out from the start, Mueller came out of retirement for two years to bring to justice an illegitimate criminal President of the United States. He’s not going to simply turn in a book report and go home.

If Robert Mueller truly is calling it quits next week, it’s because he’s ready to swing a very large and very broad hammer. Let’s take a look at where we are thus far. Mueller has managed to take down essentially everyone who helped Donald Trump conspire with Russia to rig the election. The only two groups of people remaining are Trump and his family, and Trump’s obstruction of justice co-conspirators.

We have yet to see precisely what Mueller is planning to do with the White House folks who tried to help Donald Trump sabotage the investigation, but were not involved in the original Trump-Russia election plot. But these people can be indicted at any time, and in fact there could be sealed indictments against them already. More to the point, Donald Trump isn’t going to care all that much if, say, Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus get arrested next week.

But Donald Trump will go utterly berserk once his family members are indicted and arrested. One theory has been that Robert Mueller would destroy Trump’s family, thus making clear to Trump that he has no choice but to cut a resignation plea deal. Another theory has been that Mueller would have an easier time of taking Trump down first, and then circling back for his family after he’s no longer in a position to even try to pardon them (pardons wouldn’t fully work, but they would complicate things).

Let’s say it’s the latter, and Robert Mueller is planning to drop the hammer on Donald Trump next week. Mueller could use court filings to publicly release everything that Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, and other cooperators gave up on Trump, thus making clear to the public just how guilty Trump is, just as House Democrats use Mueller’s official report to begin the impeachment process. In such case, Mueller really could step off the stage next week.

Then, once Donald Trump is safely earmarked for ouster, Robert Mueller’s allies at places like SDNY could indict and arrest Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, and any other Trump family members who have been exposed as criminals. This would ensure that they actually go down for their crimes, and that Donald Trump can’t magically bail them out. If Mueller really is finished next week, it means it’s time for Trump’s family to hurry up and get their pre-arrest affairs in order.