What happens to the election if Donald Trump dies or drops out?

– I keep getting asked what happens if Trump dies, resigns, or drops out before election day. It’s a fair question. Each state has its own deadlines and procedures for this. The answer would come down to precisely when Trump would exit. But realistically, the GOP isn’t going to be able to just sneak another candidate onto the ballot and magically win. If Trump ceases being the candidate at this late date, it’ll be a near guaranteed blowout win for Joe Biden.

– As Saturday night’s South Carolina Senate race debate demonstrated, Jaime Harrison is the real thing. Lindsey Graham is in real trouble.

– On second thought, holding a super spreader event to dance on the grave of an old lady who died of cancer wasn’t the brightest idea.

– Are Trump’s people lying to us about his condition? Yes, in five different ways. Are they trying to cover up what happened? Yes. But there’s no strategy, no plan, no clue. No one’s in charge. The Trump regime is falling to pieces by the minute, and so be it. It is what it is.

– Trump’s campaign underlings have no idea what to do now that he’s sick with the plague, so they’re announcing “Operation MAGA” – which appears to be literally nothing beyond a press release – to create the illusion that they’re doing something. They’ve clearly got nothing.

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