What fresh hell is this?

On Saturday evening, Donald Trump admitted that he’d invited Taliban terrorist leaders to Camp David, and that they had responded by killing a U.S. soldier. If this is the version of events that Trump is admitting to, how much worse must the real story be? We’ll find out soon enough, because these things always come out. In the meantime, Trump is resorting to tweeting – we’re not making this up – cat videos.

At right around midnight, Donald Trump tweeted a video of himself, his infamous Alabama hurricane map, and a cat chasing a laser pointer. That’s right, Trump posted a doctored video of his own presentation of a doctored map. Again, we’re not kidding; this really happened. Watch this idiocy for yourself:

Nothing quite screams “25th Amendment” like the President of the United States tweeting deranged cat videos of himself in the middle of the night, after he just finished confessing to a treasonous Taliban scandal. At this point it’s not clear if Donald Trump is trying to get himself ousted and trying to set up a mental defect defense at his inevitable criminal trial, or if he really is this far gone. We’re not sure which scenario is more disturbing.

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