What Donald Trump fears most

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Reports are that Donald Trump has decided not to announce a run for the Presidency in 2024 — until after the midterms. The reason people are saying that Trump has decided to wait is because Republicans have been urging him to hold off, and he is concerned that any announcement could negatively impact the GOP in the midterms.

I say this: POPPYCOCK! When has Trump EVER thought of the feelings and faces of other people? Answer — he hasn’t. Not one time. So it’s likely that this excuse is made up. I doubt Trump really DOES want to announce a run — he knows he won’t be running. But if he continues to PRETEND, he might be a contender; there’s that money. All that glorious green that pours in from eager Maga that Trump can make his own.

And Trump knows his finances would be monitored like never before if he announced a run. So don’t believe the hype. This is friends and readers, pure poppycock. The truth is the Donald will not be a candidate. And hopefully, he will be in prison by then, although we don’t really know.

Have you noticed that Trump has been “reportedly” about to announce a run for MONTHS now? Actually, it’s been longer. It seems since Biden took office, there have been hushed media reports that ANY DAY NOW, Trump will come out with an announcement.


Poppycock. A word that perfectly describes Trump’s whole grift. So take anything you hear about Trump’s pretend candidacy with a grain of salt. It IS sort of amazing the lengths Trump will go to keep his name in the news. And it will be in the news a whole heck of a lot once he’s indicted.

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